Weight loss treatment in Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, CA

There is an epidemic of Obesity in the USA with either 70% of the population being either overweight or obese! Orion Aesthetics offers a comprehensive weight loss program that involves education about the causes of Obesity, Diet prescription, Exercise prescription, Appetite Suppressants, and Liposuction. The main cause of obesity is taking more calories than burning them. The number of calories used up every-day depends on your basal metabolic rate and activity level. The main source of calorie intake is carbohydrates. Contrary to the common belief fat is not the main source of our daily caloric intake. Most of our calories come through carbohydrates and if carbohydrates are not present in the diet, it’s not possible to take too much in fat calories because fat taken by itself causes suppression of appetite. How much butter can we eat? How much bread can we eat? And how much bread with butter we can eat? The combination of carbohydrates and fat makes the meal much more appetizing. Carbohydrates by themselves, however, don’t cause as much suppression of appetite as fats by themselves, therefore you can land up consuming more calories in the form of carbohydrates in a meal than fat.

Sugar or anything that tastes sweet is addicting. Sugar has the effect of cocaine on our brains as shown by studies on lab animals and brain imaging studies. When we are stressed or depressed sugar helps because of its cocaine life affect. Sugar does not cause suppression of appetite, rather it stimulates the appetite. However, if you eat a large amount of sugary meal, the appetite gets suppressed temporarily and then rebounds shortly afterward leading to another high caloric meal. The problem of our civilization is not fat but carbohydrates and if we want to tackle the obesity epidemic, we have to limit the carbohydrate intake.

All the weight loss diet programs work only for a short time and then the weight comes back. Why is this the case? This happens because we cannot be on a diet forever and soon start back on our diets of the past which led us to obesity in the first place. To stay non-obese for the rest of our lives, we will have to change our eating habits for the rest of our lives and exercise regularly for the rest of our lives. Exercise should be aerobic and not involve weight training. At Orion Aesthetics, you will get coaching on changing your eating habits for the rest of your life, the type of diet, the composition of the diet and the type of exercise regimen to follow. Carbohydrate craving can be tough to fight with your will power and I offer appetite suppressants. Appetite suppressants will reduce the weight to a point after which they don’t work and then liposuction can be used to remove the remaining fat.

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