TNS skin Essentials Serum by SKINMEDICA is an amazing clinically proven anti-aging product which has strong science behind it. Fibroblasts from skin are cultured in a nourishing medium whch is then harvested. Thus medium has over 300 different growth factors and cytokines which when used for 3 months reverses the effects of aging and sun damage to the skin. TNS essentials has two tubes, one tube has tripeptide-5 and hydroxyproline, antioxidants, skin lightening agents and vitamins, second pumps the growth factor serum. These make a potent anti-skin aging formulation I have myself seen excellent results with it. I use this in combination with microneedling and have seen face aging reverse by 10 yrs. In near future, there will be no surgical facelifts.
Ask your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon about how to use this product in combination with other products you already use. Buy authentic product through physician finder on skinmedica website.