Stem cells treatment in Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, CA.

We were all born from one cell inside our mother’s womb, one cell multiplying into trillions of different cells in different kinds of tissues in our bodies. The bone cell, the brain cell, and the skin cell all came from that one cell which is such an amazing feat thanks to our stem cells. After our births, we continue to grow in size until we are adults. How do we grow in size? How do our hair and nails grow? How does our skin repair itself after an injury? How does our blood keep making new blood cells? Our Red Blood Cells last for 120 days yet our Red Blood Cell count keeps about the same for decades? We break bones, we tear tendons and ligaments and we heal from pneumonia. How do we do all that? It’s the stem cells in our bodies that keep us living for 80-90 years, keep repairing our bodies and keep the blood flowing in our veins. Let’s imagine a scenario in which all the stem cells in our bodies cease to exist. We will cease to exist in a few weeks if that happens, maybe last only for a month or two. This is how important stem cells are to our existence. Every organ in our body has stem cells with the most primitive stem cells are present in the bone marrow and the rest of the organs have slightly differentiated stem cells that will repair that particular organ in which they exist.

I am a mountaineer, have climbed Mount Everest among other high mountains around the globe. I carry 80 pounds in my backpack for miles and miles up a mountain all day. Sometimes I feel my knee is going to damage permanently when I feel a sharp pain in the knee all day when doing mountaineering. Yet after a few days of rest, my knee feels back to normal. How? Stem cells in my knee repair the wear and tear of the cartilage and tissues in my knee. With age, the resident stem cells decrease in quantity and vigor. If stem cells did not decrease in numbers or vigor with age we would not get osteoarthritis, tendinitis, pains in joints, pain in back as we age. At Orion Aesthetics, I have a solution for your age-related arthritic conditions. Remember, taking pain medications for your painful joints does nothing to the progression of your arthritis and most pain medications such as Aspirin, Motrin, Sleeve, Naproxen, Ibuprofen, and other NSAIDS can make your arthritis progress faster to joint replacement. If you are close to joint replacement and don’t want it, I can help you buy time and decrease the pain in your joints, increase mobility by injecting stem cells into your joints. If you live in daily pain in joints, have decreased mobility due to pain or stiffness in the joints, I can inject Stem Cells into your joints to decrease pain and improve mobility.

At Orion Aesthetics, I recover stem cells from your fat by doing small liposuction on your love handle to recover about 30mls of fat. Fat under our skin is the largest reservoir of stem cells called Mesenchymal stem cells. It’s not a major surgery, you walk out of the office after the procedure, wear an abdominal binder for a week. The drainage from the liposuction holes lasts 48-72 hrs, the dressings can be done at home. No activity restrictions after 72 hrs. After the stem cell injections into your joints, tendons, and ligaments, it will take a minimum of 3 months for the stem cells to repair the tissues and the final effect doesn’t come till 6-9 months. Pain reduction and improved mobility should not happen in the first 1 month although some people it does happen.

I have had 3 stem cells injections into my tendons & ligaments in the last 6 months for my mountaineering-related tendinitis and ligament inflammation. I happened to find this treatment because the usual orthopedic treatments of anti-inflammatory medications were not helping me. I was skeptic at first but since it has helped me, I joined the Cell Surgical Network so that I can offer it to other patients with painful joint-tendon-ligamental inflammatory conditions. I am part of the Cell Surgical Network, which has done these treatments on over 10000 patients and the results are positive in 80-90% of the patients. Remember, these patients are already a 100% failure of current orthopedic conditions. If we can reduce this failure rate to 10-20% from 100%, it’s remarkable. If one treatment doesn’t work, another treatment will be offered at half the cost.

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