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Welcome to Orion Aesthetics, where 21st century scientific advances will be used to help you slow down or even stop your aging.

What is the cause of aging? Well, we have biological clocks in our DNA which we are trying to figure out how to stop but we are not there yet. Then we all have Stem Cells in our bodies which help repair our bodies everyday. We all know that if you get a wound on our skin, it soon heals and so do our surgical wounds. If we didn’t have stem cells in our skins, we would never be able to heal our skin wounds. Our blood cells all die soon, some of them in a week, others in couple of months. If we didn’t have stem cells in our bone marrow, we will die within a week. As we age, our stem cells decrease in number and they become less able to repair our bodies and are less available for all parts of our bodies. The fat beneath our skin is the largest reservoir of stem cells in the body and we can use these to heal your body.

At Orion Aesthetics, I can stop your skin aging by taking the stem cells from your fat and infusing them in the skin of your face. I can also treat your scars, wounds and stretch marks with your own stem cells. While I use stem cells mainly for regenerating skin and improving its cosmetic appearance, there are more things I can do with it such as treat Arthritis, Neuropathy, Chronic Skin Wounds, Hair Loss, Bells Palsy, Diabetes, COPD, ALzheimers and Parkinsons. Use of stem cells for conditions other than skin is still experimental but has shown great promise. While most people benefit from stem cells for these chronic conditions, we are not at the stage where we can cure these diseases. Every day scientists and doctors are trying to find ways to improve the effects of the stem cells and soon we will be able to figure out how to refine them and dose them properly to cure the diseases which come with aging. over 20000 people have been treated with stem cells in USA alone  and most of them have benefitted without any major side effects.

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