DEFENAGE 8-in-1 BioSerum

DEFENAGE 8 in 1 BioSerum




Imagine if you could unlock your skin’s potential to stay youthful? Smooth, radiant and healthy looking skin is now at your fingertips with the introduction of breakthrough skin rejuvenating Age-Repair Defensins™!
The scientists at DefenAge have identified how to unlock the key to youth with powerful, synthetically produced messenger peptides called Age-Repair Defensins™. These patent-pending peptides are the FIRST of their kind and available EXCLUSIVELY in DefenAge skincare. Age-Repair Defensins™ are an age-correcting discovery, transported in a special liposome system. Combined with specially selected skincare ingredients to create an ideal bio-environment, skin rejuvenates its appearance NATURALLY and EFFECTIVELY.
Consult your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon before using this product.

TNS skin Essentials Serum by SKINMEDICA




TNS skin Essentials Serum by SKINMEDICA is an amazing clinically proven anti-aging product which has strong science behind it. Fibroblasts from skin are cultured in a nourishing medium whch is then harvested. Thus medium has over 300 different growth factors and cytokines which when used for 3 months reverses the effects of aging and sun damage to the skin. TNS essentials has two tubes, one tube has tripeptide-5 and hydroxyproline, antioxidants, skin lightening agents and vitamins, second pumps the growth factor serum. These make a potent anti-skin aging formulation I have myself seen excellent results with it. I use this in combination with microneedling and have seen face aging reverse by 10 yrs. In near future, there will be no surgical facelifts.
Ask your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon about how to use this product in combination with other products you already use. Buy authentic product through physician finder on skinmedica website.






VITAMIN C or L-ASCORBIC ACID is essential to keep skin young and healthy. Humans cannot produce their own Vitamin C and topical application of it is the only way to get high levels in the skin. It helps build collagen, prevents free radical damage to skin, keeps skin healthy & young, decreases inflammation, lightens the skin and protects from sun damage. There are thousands of Vitamin C skin creams/serums in market and only some of them are good. Ascorbic acid is unstable and gets oxidized easily in creams/serums if Ph is high, warm temperature, if exposed to light or air, if there are traces of metals in formulation. So only reputable skin cosmeceutical companies or skin companies which spend money on skin aging research should be trusted and it means the product will be expensive. Vitamin C compounds available in market are L-Ascorbic Acid, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, 6-palmitoyl ascorbate, ascorbyl tetraisopaamitate, ascorbyl 2 glucoside and 3-alkyl ascorbate. Look for L-Ascorbic Acid, ascorbyl glucosidase, tetrapalmitoyl ascorbate or 3-alkyl ascorbates

Consult your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist before using any agent for aesthetic skin conditions. Treating skin for aesthetic purposes is a scientific process and not as simple as application of a chemical on the skin. I don’t have anyinterests in any skin products which I recommend!






Vitamin A or Retinoids are the gold standard of topical anti-aging therapy. It increases the epidermal proliferation and differentiation leading to thicker and healthier epidermis. This effect also causes improvement in the yellowish color of aging skin and correction of dyschromia such as sun spots. It also stimulates the production of epidermal glycosaminoglycans and extracellular dermal matrix components, thus leading to thickening of dermis. It inhibits collagenases and metalloproteinases which degrade the collagen. This leads to improvement in elasticity of the skin and attenuation of fine lines and wrinkles. It protects the skin from UV induced damage and by itself has the power of SPF 20. It improves the healing time of aged skin and has mild anti carcinogenic effect. Seems like a wonder molecule to me!! I have detailed the biochemistry of Retinoids in the image below using powerpoint slide!


REGENICA is the most advanced Skin-Growth Peptide, Skin-Repair Peptide technology! You cannot reverse skin aging or prevent skin aging without using Growth Peptides, Growth Peptide Mimicking molecules, Growth Peptide/Wound Repair Peptide receptor stimulating peptides, Wound Repair Peptides, Matrikines, Defensins, Skin Signalling molecules etc. This is the future of skincare. REGENICA: wound repair peptides which are present in fetal skin and cause non-scar forming wound repair in the fetus. This is at the frontiers of present science of Tissue-Regeneration. Watch the video! very interesting!

Fibroblasts from fetal foreskin were stimulated under hypoxic and low gravity environment, thereby mimicking the environment of fetus. These fibroblasts were stimulated to reverse to the multipotent mesenchymal stem cells. When fetal skin is injured or damaged (skin of a baby in mother’s womb), the skin repairs itself without formation of scar. There is essentially no inflammation in fetal skin injury. Unfortunately, the adult skin fibroblasts produce a collagen scar when the skin is wounded. Regenica researchers wanted to replicate the fetal scarless wound repair and harvest the chemical messengers, growth peptides and skin repair peptides secreted by the fibroblasts in fetus. The video on this page shows how they stimulated the fibroblasts to regress to the fetus stage. The fibroblast stimulating medium used was free of any animal or human serums for nourishment. A very novel and smart technology which was shown in trials to rapidly regrow the skin in people going skin ablative treatments with laser. 
Reverse skin Aging by using the latest technology of Skin Signaling Peptides which mimic the wound repair in a fetal environment: boost collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycans in your skin, thicken the epidermis to make it look young, vibrant and radiant! As I have always said “skin will be the first organ in the body where we will be able to reverse aging”. The future is here!