Skin will be the first organ in the body where we would reverse aging. We already have the technology to slow down aging of the Skin. Topical delivery of skin re-growth stimulating peptides is now the standard of cosmeceutical industry. We have dozens of peptides which can improve the wrinkles and other signs of aging skin

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Ultraviolet radiation, air pollutants and other environmental toxins cause free radical generation in the skin leading to premature aging of the skin. To keep your skin young and vibrant, supply antioxidants to your skin by formulations which help with penetration through the epidermis.

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Protect your skin from Ultraviolet Radiation. Ultraviolet radiation is toxic to the skin and causes premature aging of the skin. To keep your skin young and vibrant, protect your skin form the UV rays by Mineral Sunblock.

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We have to clean our skin everyday. The outer layer of skin sheds off everyday and environmental toxins, pathogens, dirt and pollutants accumulate on the skin every moment. Use a Cleanser suited for your skin depending on if its oily, dry or normal. Cleansers with AHA and BHA acids are recommended depending on your skintype.

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We have a new generation of melanocyte inhibiting peptides in market which lack the toxicity of hydroquinone and arbutin which is metabolized to hydroquinone. Aging produces uneven  discoloration of the skin. Use the melanocyte inhibiting peptides to even out the skin color!

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Skin moisturizer is needed to keep your skin supple and soft. They also add radiance/shine to your skin. Use non toxic moisturizers according to your skin type which can be oily, dry or normal. Moisturizers should contain antioxidants and antiaging peptides to make it all in one product!

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SkinMedica has a great range of scientifically proven products for keeping your skin younger looking and in the best of health.


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As a prudent consumer, its important for you to understand the working and side effects if any of the different ingredients that are present in common cosmecutical creams and lotions. Check out our coesmeuticals directory to find out!


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