Skin pigmentation, dark circles, melasma, age spots, sunspots, freckles, lentiges, skin discoloration!
COSMETIC PEPTIDES: last 30 years has seen the rise of cosmetic peptides which have various targets in the skin. Lets examine 6 peptides which have been shown to decrease melanin production in the skin. Melanin is the pigment which gives skin its color and the main enzyme which makes it is Tyrosinase. Melanin is of two types, Eumelanin which is yellow to red in color and Pheomelanin which is black. Skin type 1: redheads and skin type 2: blondes have mostly Eumelanin. Skin types 4-6 have Pheomelanin.
Decapeptide-12: Interferes with Tyrosinase: It is the ingredient in Lumixyl brightening creme
Nonapeptide-1: Interferes with Tyrosinase
Tetrapeptide-30: Interferes with Tyrosinase. Its the main ingredient of Lytera 2.0
Melanostatin DM: it interferes with Melanocyte stimulating hormone
Genowhite (acetyl glycol beta alanine): inhibits melanin by various mechanisms
Oligopeptide-68: It works by inhibiting the MITF gene that plays an important role in controlling melanin producing skin cells called melanocytes