Laser treatment in Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, CA

At Orion Aesthetics, I am using the Joule laser platform from Sciton to help my clients feel better about their skin and improve their self-confidence. I use lasers to help with skin wrinkles, uneven pigmentation any spots on the skin, solar damage to the skin, sun spots, freckles, moles, visible blood vessels, any redness on the face or body, bruises, acne, pores, rosacea, hair removal and to keep my clients looking young forever. Sciton is the best laser device in the Aesthetics Industry. Its hand made in the USA in Silicon Valley and has the best IPL in the class called BBL. Aging causes us to lose 1% of collagen per year in our skin after the age of 20. In addition to losing the collagen, the collagen bundles in the skin also unwind making the skin looser. As an analogy, a sweater is knitted with a thread bundle, consider what will happen to the sweater if the weave/knots of the threads come loose, the sweater will loosen up as well. What can produce collagen in our skin? Vitamin A, Vitamin C, skin peptides, etc but the skincare does not produce robust collagen production and can result in only mild improvement in the quality of the skin. A step higher is using microneedling for collagen induction which takes longer than a laser treatment, hence the inconvenience but is also weaker than laser in producing collagen. A more potent therapy for collagen induction is diluted Radiesse and diluted Sculptra intradermally or subdermally but that is invasive, takes longer than the laser and is very dependent on the skill of the injector.

The laser is the most potent collagen induction treatment available in the market. Sciton has multiple methods to induce collagen with the most potent being 2940 Erbium laser full resurfacing TRL followed by lesser potency ProFractional treatment followed by HALO. These treatments have some downtime which can vary from 2 days to 10 days depending on the potency of the treatment. If you don’t want any downtime, you can try gentler treatments like Clearsilk from Sciton followed by BBL Skintyte and BBL forever young, in the decreasing order of potency. I recommend yearly microneedling and BBL treatments/clear silk after the age of 20 for anyone who wants to slow skin aging and wants to look the same for the next 20 years. For someone in their 30s or 40s who have not taken good care of their skin, yearly HALO, BBL, and microneedling procedures are needed so that you look the same at 60 yrs of age as you looked at 40 years of age. If using only BBL forever young treatment, then you need 1 treatment every year in your 20s, 2 treatments every year in your 30s, 3 treatments every year in your 40s, 4 treatments every year in your 50s and 60s, 5 treatments every year in your 70s and 80s. These treatments last 10 minutes and have no downtime, you don’t have to hide your face at all, go for dinner at a restaurant the same evening. HALO, Profractional and TRL treatments are also good for scar reduction, treatment of hypertrophic and atrophic scars with the ProFractional laser being the most effective in scar reduction. Halo and pro fractional lasers can also be used to deliver medications through the skin. Lasers can be used anywhere on the body and even the vagina, vulva, penile skin to improve elasticity and remove wrinkles.

While lasers are excellent for collagen induction, they are also excellent for any brown, black, red or any discoloration of the skin. They are good for red spider veins/arteries on face or body, blue veins anywhere on the face or body. Not only that, lasers will improve the texture of your skin, convert a rough, bumpy skin into a marble surfaced radiant skin. You can expect a tight, radiant and flawless skin at Orion Aesthetics.

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