“In the future we will have less and less of surgical facelifts and more and more of non-surgical methods of skin tightening because scientific knowledge and technology have now reached a stage where the skin is essentially ageless” –Dr Uppal

Non Surgical Face lift does the following the following

  1. Tightens the face over a period of 1 year
  2. Rejuvenates the skin into a younger form so that it has room to age and thus the results last longer than surgical face lift
  3. Improves the texture of the skin while surgical facelift doesnt do that
  4. Improves the elasticity of the skin while surgical facelift doesnt do that
  5. improves the hydration of the skin while surgical facelift doesnt do that
  6. removes all spots (red, yellow, brown, black etc) from the face and also the spider veins while surgical facelift doesnt do that either

What Is Non Surgical Facelift? ?

While everyone knows about facelift being a surgical procedure, how many have heard about a non surgical way? We at Orion Aesthetics do non-surgical facelift. Why do we prefer this over the surgical facelift?

What Are The Steps In non surgical facelift

Pre-treatment Consultation

During your consultation, your physician will take a quick medical history, discuss your expectations and tailor the treatment approach to meet your aesthetic needs.

During The Treatment

There are many steps to this treatment since we have to create youthful face from skin down to the bone.

Skin: The details of Laser Skin Resurfacing are in the laser section of this website and please read them there.

Subcutaneous tissues: Fat filler is the best for the face volumization and its done after the laser skin resurfacing. Collagen inducing agents can be placed anytime. HA fillers are best placed after the laser skin resurfacing.

Deep Fat Pockets of Face: These are best volumized with fat. Second best are the collagen inducers. Third best are the HA fillers

Bone: Bone resorption also takes place and it has to be replaced with either Bone inducing agents or it can also be any of the fat filler, collagen inducers or HA fillers

Skincare: A very important aspect of skin rejuvenation is best of the world skincare which we provide at Orion Aesthetics

Following The Treatment

The recovery from Laser Skin Resurfacing has been outlined elsewhere on this website but it varies from 1-2 weeks. 3 sessions of Laser Skin Resurfacing are done once per month, with the recovery from the first session is about 7 days, second session is about 5 days and third session is 3-4 days because the skin learns how to recover from the procedure and does it faster in the future.

The lifting effect can be noticed after 10 days and it continues to lift the face for 1 year. This is the reason we tell everyone that if you desire immediate results, go for surgical face lift because here we are not doing a tailoring job of a plastic surgeon but we are making new skin by burning off old skin and permanently altering the structure and biochemistry of the skin into a more youthful form. Your skin will look younger, more elastic, less saggy, better texture at every future point in your life as compared to if you did no intervention to change the skin into a more youthful form.  Laser skin Resurfacing, the skincare, the collagen/elastin inducers and face volumizers all combine to recreate youth. Remeber, aging affects all parts of the face from the skin down to the bones. So there is no one treatment that can address all the aspects of aging. Multimodality approach is the only way you can restore the youth in anyones face. A tailoring job of a plastic surgeon does nothing to bring youthfulness to the skin or create volume. Volume is usually created by Plastic Surgeons by moving fat into the cheeks during the face lift. We also offer fat transfer to the face which is the best and long lasting filler for the face.

Your physician will provide you with post-treatment recommendations and an aftercare program to follow to ensure the best possible result.

Immediate Lifting Effect

There is an immediate lifting effect and a delayed lifting effect. half of the lift happens in the first month after the procedure, rest of it happens over the next year


Is Non Surgical Facelift Right For You?

If you desire immediate tightening of the face, then you should go for surgical facelift. Non surgical facelift is an “organic” way to tighten the skin, imporve its texture, reduce pores, remove all spots, give it radiance and to make it young simultaneously. It takes upto a year to do it but the results are long lasting as if your skin has been given a second life or second chance to age again”