Body Contouring with Liposuction and fat transfer in Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, CA

How do we contour the soft tissues of our bodies by minimally invasive cosmetic procedures? In bodies that have enough fat, body contouring can easily be done by moving fat from one part to the other by using cannulas. At Orion Aesthetics Liposuction is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure with very little downtime. Non-invasive body contouring is limited in the amount of fat that can be removed and also it’s very difficult to contour the body without liposuction combined with fat transfers. Women and men differ in the percentage of body fat and also differ in the areas of the body where the fat is stored. Women, in general, have a higher proportion of fat to muscle or bone as compared to men. Women store fat in hips, buttocks, upper thighs whereas men store it in the abdomen, chest, lower and upper back area. Men’s fat storage gives them a V shape whereas women’s fat storage gives them a pear shape or hourglass shape. With age, both men and women tend to accumulate an increasing amount of fat around the waist and upper torso. The fat on the abdomen and chest is unattractive in a woman since it starts converting the pear shape or hourglass shape to cylindrical or masculine V shape. Waist to hip ratio has been shown to be an attractive feature of a woman’s figure for the opposite sex. Cross-cultural studies have shown that waist to hip ratio of 0.6 is considered as the most attractive and a ratio less or more than this tends to be less attractive to men.

Women often desire larger breasts and there are a few different ways to achieve it. Muscle flaps, saline implants, silicone implants, fat transfer, Sculptra are popular ways to increase breast size. Breast implants carry the risk of capsular contraction, the focus of infection during bacteremia, leakage and more recently lymphoma with silicone implants. Fat is an ideal implant because there is no chance of rejection, it assimilates easily, is long-lasting and there is no concern of a foreign body in the chest for decades. The procedure carries a double benefit of slimming the waist and breast augmentation. Fat transfer to the breast can lead to a maximum 2 cup size increase in breast size after a single procedure. Breasts usually can take from 500 ml to 750 ml of fat transfer each. Half of the transferred fat volume is lost. Part of the volume loss is due to the tumescence fluid in the fat which is absorbed and part of the fat dies due to lack of blood supply in the breast tissue. Fresh fat transplant gets oxygen by passive diffusion from the surrounding capillaries. It takes several weeks for new blood vessels to form and start supplying blood to the transplanted fat. Adding SVF to the transplanted fat improves fat retention. At Orion Aesthetics, the best liposuction clinic in Sacramento, we add PRP to the fat transfer to the breast and that has been shown to improve fat retention. At Orion Aesthetics, Dr. Uppal the best Liposuction Surgeon in Sacramento uses awake lipo technique also known as awake tumescence anesthesia liposuction. You will be able to see your breast size during the fat transfer and decide on the final size.

At Orion Aesthetics, Dr. Uppal loves to perform high definition body contouring, high definition liposuction, high definition breasts, and body sculpting. Fat is handled in a sterile manner and a closed system is used to transfer the fat from time of suctioning the fat during liposuction to transferring it back to the breasts. The fat transferred to the breast will last forever but continue to shrink in size since there is age-related atrophy of the fat in breasts.

Aftercare: The breasts will be bruised, tender, painful and swollen for about 7 days but you can go to work after 4 days. You will not need anything stronger than Tylenol after the fat transfer to the breast. No tight bras should be worn after 7 days and compression over the breasts is needed only for 48 hrs post fat transfer. The best antiaging procedure for the face is fat transfer to the face since fat contains adult mesenchymal stem cells.

Brazilian Butt Lift is also known as buttock augmentation by fat transfer. The best procedure to decrease the waist to hip ratio is a fat transfer from the waist to the buttocks. Buttock fat transfer is a more difficult procedure than the fat transfer to the breast and the complications are more than the fat transfer to the breast. You cannot sit on your buttocks or sleep on your back for 3 weeks post-Brazilian butt lift. Fat transfer to the face is an antiaging procedure of choice for face at Orion Aesthetics.

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