Microneedling with PRP has revolutionized skincare. I don’t believe in using heat to the skin with Lasers, Ultrasound and radio frequency, all of which cause heat injury to the skin to thicken the skin into a doll like skin, tight, hide like but without much elasticity. Try feeling the skin of children, it’s plump, soft and elastic. The only way to achieve that skin is the use of growth factors, cytokines, chemokines, matrikines, stem cells, exosomes etc which help regenerate and repair aging skin. PRP is like a dirty bomb which has ingredients which cause collateral damage by producing inflammatory repair of skin. Fetal skin and skin of amphibians such as salamanders repairs without scar. Adult skin does not repair like fetal skin because it repairs via inflammation. Inflammation always produces a scar. We are now attempting to produce PRP in lab with the right combination of chemical messengers so that least amount of inflammation is caused and scarless repair takes place. We are getting closer to reversing skin aging.