Hartej Uppal is a distinguished physician based in Rocklin, California, with nearly twenty years of medical experience. Recognized for his work by the National Consumer Advisory Board, Dr.Uppal is the founder of Orion Aesthetics, a cosmetic surgery practice where he is focusing on reversing of aging on human external form and modifying it to look youthful and attractive.

As he tells it, Dr. Uppal has been interested in science, particularly molecular biology ever since he was a child:

“ Science came naturally to me even at a young age. I love organic chemistry and am fascinated by interaction of millions of molecules in our bodies.  If I had not gone into medicine, I would have gone into scientific research since all medicine is based on scientific research”

Dr. Uppal earned his medical degree from the Guru Nanak Dev University Medical College, Amritsar, in India. Although his interests were in cosmetic surgery, he decided to go into Critical Care as a way to help those suffering from fatal illnesses. He went on to continue his training at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. Dr. Uppal spent fifteen years saving lives, curing diseases, and alleviating pain in the intensive care unit. His success as an acute care physician earned him inclusion in the National Consumer Advisory Board’s list of America’s Best Physicians in both 2013 and 2017.

Although he loves using his knowledge and training to save lives, Dr. Uppal began to notice the effects of aging starting to take its course among his friends, family, and himself.  This realization spurred him to pursue his original passion. He has been learning and practicing Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery since 2012. Most of his education and training for Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery has come through American Academy of Cosmetic Medicine and American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. Presently his main focus is on high definition liposculpting, fat transfer for buttock and breast augmentation, reversing skin aging through scientific knowledge of biochemistry of skin aging,  improving cosmetic appearance of the skin through the use of skin peptides, microneedling, treatment of cellulite, treatment of facial wrinkles etc.

What motivates Dr. Uppal today is his passion for bringing confidence back to those who feel they have lost the attractiveness of their youth. Dr Uppal was a top student in biochemistry in medical school and he has in-depth knowledge of how to reverse skin aging, including the importance of growth hormones, cytokines, chemokines, matrikines, defensins, peptide signaling, anti-oxidants, and skin nutrients in the pathophysiology of skin aging. Under Dr.Uppal’s care, patients will receive a cosmetic surgeon who cares about their appearance just as much as they do—a doctor who will stay with them as the process of aging takes its toll. Dr Uppal believes that “there will be a constant tussel between our efforts to stop skin aging and the nature’s effort to continue it, therefore there will be the advent of a new discpline called Anti-Cosmetic Aging where there will be a life long pateint-doctor relationship just like any other disease model such as high blood pressure or cholesterol etc”

Dr Uppal is a Scuptor by hobby and he owes to his mentor Dr Peter Schmidt who taught him sculpting. He makes Clay Sculptures of live human models which helps him be a master Liposculptor. Its easy to do liposuction but not easy to create attractive natural looking human forms unless you have an eye of an artist. “Its a blessing to sculpt living humans which would have made the greatest sculptor of all times jealous—Leonardo Da Vinci!”

As a top physician training to be one of California’s leading cosmetic surgeons, it is imperative that Dr. Uppal keep his eye on prevailing trends within cosmetic surgery. In particular, he stays up-to- date on state-of- the-art treatments as they develop within cosmetic surgery. After nearly two decades dedicated to acute care medicine and with a new specialty on the horizon, Dr. Uppal envisions a bright future ahead. He noted:

“Skin will be the first organ in the body where we will be able to reverse aging; we already have the basic scientific knowledge to stop the aging of the skin today, and in the near future we will be able to actually reverse its aging. Facelifts will not be performed in the future, neither will be laser or heating procedures. I have sufficient knowledge of the molecular biology of the skin to stop its aging today.”

Dr. Uppal brings his relentless perseverance to another passion in his life: climbing the highest and most difficult mountains in the world. He is an expert mountaineer and an ice climber. In April-May 2019, Dr. Uppal climbed Mount Everest which he found easier than expected. His mindset about facing the toughest climbs in the world mirrors his altitude towards the practice of medicine. In his own words:

“High altitude mountaineering is the toughest sport on this planet and it tests your will, it tests your spirit, it tests your determination and it is less about your physical ability but more about your mental ability to keep striving even when your spirit wants to give up, it’s a kind of meditation to make the mind stronger and resilient”


Detailed Career Information

Education, Training & Certification
Board Certified in Hospital Medicine
Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine

Professional Memberships & Associations
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
American Society of Cosmetic Physicians
American College of Physicians
American Medical Association
International Society of Cosmetogynecology
International Academy of Cosmetic Dermatology
American Society of Cosmetic Physicians
California Society of Cosmetic Physicians

Awards & Honors
America’s Best Physicians – National Consumer Advisory Board (2013, 2017)


Mount Everest