ABOUT Dr. Hartej Uppal


Hartej Uppal is a distinguished physician based in Rocklin, California, with nearly twenty years of medical experience. Recognized for his work by the National Consumer Advisory Board, Dr. Uppal is the founder of Orion Aesthetics, a cosmetic surgery practice, where he is focusing on reversing of aging on human external form and modifying it to look youthful and attractive. As he tells it, Dr. Uppal has been interested in science, particularly molecular biology ever since he was a child:

“ Science came naturally to me even at a young age. I love organic chemistry and am fascinated by interaction of millions of molecules in our bodies. If I had not gone into medicine, I would have gone into scientific research since all medicine is based on scientific research”

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Skin Solution

Skinbetter science







Dr Uppal specializes in high definition liposculpting to help you look athletic and attractive with the right curves.


Dr. Uppal can help you get a more youthful appearance that you might have lost over the years.


With today’s technology, Dr. Uppal can give you beautiful looking skin to help you boost your confidence.

Stem Cell/ Anti-Aging

Dr Uppal can help stop the skin aging with stem cells and also help with so many other diseases which come with aging.